SpaceChem (PC/Mac/Linux)

Role: Marketing / Sound Design / Usability feedback

  • Sound Design
  • Usability and design feedback
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Winner of the Extra Credit’s Genre Buster Award presented by the Escapist Magazine
  • Game of the Year 2011 –
  • Indie Game of the Year 2011 – Edge Games
  • Honorable Mention McNally Grand Prize / Design: Independent Game Festival
  • Silver Award – Serious Play
  • Winner Best Game Design – New IP from the National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers
  • PocketGamer: Gold Award

An open ended puzzler based on parallel processing and chemistry. This was my first for-profit independent game title.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun said: “SpaceChem isn’t simply the best indie game 2011′s seen so far, it’s one of the best puzzle games ever made.” said: “you’ll find a thoroughly rewarding experience, with more ‘holy shit!’ moments than there are elements of the periodic table.” “9/10 – Excellent”